CUBICS: “When you are hungry or boring, have the individual pack of sweet chocolate flavor Cubics. You will be envious of just looking at the Cubics.”

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by Tony Consiglio

by Tony Consiglio

Tony Consiglio writes: That sketch reminds me of two things, 1. I used to have hair. 2. I used to clearly have talent too. I have two current projects, my Top Shelf graphic novel Titanius won’t be out for another year, so don’t look for it yet. And I am also working on making flourless chocolate walnut cookies from a recipe by Francois Payard. They are divine.

While you’re waiting for Titanius to come out, why not check out Tony’s other graphic novels?
I only found one place on the web that’s “happy to present [their] Cubics to you“,  but a search for “Francois Payard flourless chocolate walnut cookies” turns up nearly 9000 results. Start baking!


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