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As Eavesdropped: prized, performed, picked again

Check it out: As Eavesdropped Vol. 4 was nominated for a SPACE prize! Now, I’m up against some stiff competition, so don’t congratulate me yet — vote (if you’re eligible)! Volume 3 took third place in 2012 and I personally … Continue reading

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As Eavesdropped, Vol. 4

Yes, believe it or not, I published 2 issues of As Eavesdropped this year. Volume 3 came out in April. Volume 4 (pictured below) came out in September and is double the size of the previous issue! Topics include roundhouse … Continue reading

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As Eavesdropped, Vol. 3

What starts with a daiquiri, ends with a cosmopolitan; and has chickens, Sasquatch and Satan between the covers? My newest minicomic, As Eavesdropped 3! If you’ve seen the previous 2 AEs, you know the deal: 8 pages of overheard conversations, … Continue reading

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