“The wind noise occurs only when the vehicle is moving.”

By Michael A. Carroll

I was about 99.9% certain that Michael Carroll drew this, so I asked, and he responded:

Wow…looking at that….I think it is me. The cloud and sfx lettering are mine. The dialogue balloons to the right of the car and the “theme music” along the bottom of the page look like mine. The car looks like the kind of car I would’ve attempted to draw at that time, and I definitely recognize the quote you mentioned.

You can follow Michael’s latest by friending him on Facebook (just mention this blog entry). His work also appears regularly in Jim Main’s *PPSFZT! anthology  and Bob Corby’s Oh!Comics (new issues of each forthcoming!) and he completed a 28-page comic in 13.5 hours this past 24 Hour Comics Day.  Additionally, he has branched out into animation with the majestic Burrito Ninja Battle and his own YouTube channel.

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