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A FAIRY AND A WOODMAN: “The anterior part is the fairy and the posterior part is the woodman. That’s why it is called ‘A Fairy and a Woodman’.”

Pam Bliss writes: “The fairy seems to have stolen her outfit from the actual woodsman, so she probably doesn’t have a leg to stand on ethically.” Pam (who posts her own sketchbook drawings here) also stated that she has no … Continue reading

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“I took it to the dealer three times, and finally brought it to an outside force. The outside force fixed it and it works great now.”

Pam Bliss writes: “I remember making this drawing!  The car was supposed to be a second generation Ford Taurus, and the rear end, at least, is sort of recognizable.  At the wheel is a very early version of Iowa Ginsberg … Continue reading

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