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Little Pigs of America (Indianapolis, IN)

Little Pigs of America was a barbecue¬†chain known which took pride in its “secret ‘n’ zesty” sauce. According to this article, they started in the early 1960s and went bankrupt in 1967, which means my 1966 NRA catalog was one … Continue reading

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BABAMBAR: “The first flavor the intimate flavor Babambar! The second flavor the delightful flavor Babambar!

Scott Mills previously appeared in the “Dissatisfied with the Vehicle” sketchbook. Babambar (Babam Bar?) is included in this set of ice cream reviews, where the blogger declares it “the most ‘not delicious’ ice cream bar that I have come across … Continue reading

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“The insulation looks cheap. It was custom made for me.”

Scott Mills writes: Is that supposed to be the flotation suit from Woody Allen’s Sleeper or something? You can read a few of Scott’s many comics, or buy some of your own. He’s currently creating a multi-universe-spanning comic called Extragalactic … Continue reading

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