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TONGKY TONGKY CHEWING CANDY: “Different from general existing candy. Tooth is not sick despite of crunching it.”

Two-for-one Scott Roberts sketches today. I’m pretty sure he had a gig drawing the Rugrats daily newspaper strip when he did this one.

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BAKED POTATO: “There are so many square-shaped objects in the world, but why can’t we see square-shaped potatoes?”

I found a page which describes this product as a “pure carbon baked potato bar (27G) non-expanded non-fried health portable equipment”. I’m not sure which description I like more.  

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“So, you think you can beat me at football. Well, if you’re up to it you can try out for next year’s team and then we’ll see who’s better (it’s obviously me.) But I strongly suggest you grow 8 inches, gain 60 lbs., and start lifting weights if you want to have any chance at all.”

5″ 11, 190 lbs. (P.S. Eat your Wheaties) Scott has been featured here before. Regarding this one, he says: What’s weird is that this year I actually attended several ugh school football games… I never know what’s going on during … Continue reading

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“You need a college education just to operate the airbag switch.”

Scott Roberts is the artist of the online comic Working Daze, letterer & colorist for the newspaper strip Prince Valiant and author of the fantasy novel The Troubling Stone. But I’ll always know him as the creator of Patty Cake, … Continue reading

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