Chapter One, everybody!
Thanks for sticking with the story thus far.

To give you some idea of my drawing process, here is the pencil version of the first panel.


So, yeah. Lots of scribbling and erasing takes place. After I get everything how I want it, I trace it with a light box and ink that page (mostly with a brush, but I use a pen for some of the finer details). That page gets scanned and the rest is all digital. Don’t ask me to explain my coloring process… yet. This is my first color comic and I’m still figuring it out myself!

↓ Transcript

"It's from Lucas. He's at the house right now and he wants us to come over."

"Now? Can't he do it tomorrow?"
"I can't do it tomorrow!"

"All right, tell him that we'll be right over."

"Those cookies might have to wait."