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What are they like?

If reader response is any indication, they’re charming and delightful, twisted and demented, surreal and bizarre, and sometimes even thoughtful and inspiring. (And funny. Don’t forget funny.) It’s hard to say what they are. I just do whatever I’m inspired to do at the moment, and it’s led to this odd assortment of titles.

But you don't have to take MY word for it...

“They're well plotted short stories that subtly lead to often stout messages. More than once she's turned a handful of playful panels into a little classic gem of a story.”

    —Tom Hendricks,

“...so real, so fun, you wonder how she put all that feeling into such a little comic. Real heart here.”

“Her distinctive off beat art...combines perfectly with her innovative use of language to showcase her keen observations of everyday life and human interactions.”

“Suzanne Baumann’s drawings are better than they look. I mean, well, they’re kind of messy, but now that I’ve seen and talked to her I come to find she looks just like that and it’s kind of amazing.”

“There’s magic in this gal’s pen, that’s all there is to it.”

Writeups & Reviews

The Good, The Bad, and the Whatever. You may have to scroll down to see some of these.

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As Eavesdropped #4 ($2)

Cover from As Eavesdropped 4

16 pages -- double the size of previous issues! Contents: Where You Daddy At?, New Jag, Maplewood, The Arabs, God Created Eyebrows, Good for Something, Photogenic, All the Bells and Whistles, more. See the blog for more info.

As Eavesdropped #3 ($1)

Cover from As Eavesdropped 3

Back from a 6 year hiatus! Contents: Chicken Pictures, Germany Soup, Li'l Chinese Thing, Animal Planet, Bigfoot Bin Laden, Trouble Follows, more. See the blog for more info.

Turtleneck Boy #6: Black Beyond the Throat ($1)

Cover from Turtleneck Boy 6

The darkest issue of Turtleneck Boy to date! Our hero gets depressed, snaps at others, dangles on the edge of oblivion, becomes a Dickensian spectre, and finally reads some autobio comics. Contributions by Brien Wayne Powell, Paul Sizer, Erich Sundermann, Todd Swanson, Aaron Trudgeon, and yours truly.


Turtleneck Dialogues:
Complete Turtleneck Boy Collection Vols. 1-5

Turtleneck Boy Collection

I designed the character, where he went after that is largely due to the efforts of over a decade's worth of reader contributions. This 70-page collection contains the work of John Bardelline, Sean Bieri, Pam Bliss, Michael Carroll, Bob Corby, Alden Scott Crow, Gary Freeman, Kacper Jarecki, Kris Lachowski, Paully Moonbeam, Carol Pond, Brien Wayne Powell, Matt Rasch, Androo Robinson, Paul Sizer, Erich Sundermann, Robert Swinton, Yul Tolbert, B. Winter, and myself. All wrapped up in a die-cut cover other mini-comic artists look at and tell me "I'm so gonna steal that idea."


48 Hours of Pure Entertainment ($2)

A scene from 48 Hours

This is what happens when I stay up for 24 hours straight and draw a complete mini-comic... twice. More info on this page.


As Eavesdropped ($1-2)

A scene from As Eavesdropped

Inspired by half-overheard conversations I’ve picked up in public. Don’t you wish you knew the story behind these? Yeah, me too.

The Books:
#1 — Wheat germ. Bud Girls. Decapitation. Poking.

#2 — Guys who name their cars. Evolution. Expectations. Gunderpants.

#3 — Chickens. Chibis. Sasquatch. Satan.

#4 — Latex. Swordfights. Funny Hats. Photogenic housing. Angst.


Serious Workout (50¢)

A scene from Serious Workout

It has a baby in it. And a cat. And an 80’s exercise video. And much laughter and rejoicing.


Cleopatra’s Hats (50¢)

A scene from Cleopatra's Hats

A quick skit on paper about one shopper’s search for the perfect hat and her companion's search for the perfect words.


The Moldy Bagels ($5.00)

A scene from The Moldy Bagels

The story of a resourceful working girl, a bag of bagels, and some powerfully hungry pigeons.


Damned Bunnies ($5.00)

A scene from Damned Bunnies

An embittered artist attempts to exact sweet revenge on his critics, but things go sour. At 48 pages, it’s the longest story of the bunch, with a nifty wallpapered cover.


Custard King (50¢)

A scene from Custard King

A fan favorite! The story of the Kingdom of Tree, on a highway median just across the street from America.


SPIME ($1.50)

A scene from SPIME

It’s space! It’s time! It’s SPIME! A variety pack of comix fun, featuring Yorkie sledding, Booker T. Washington (the actor), a mummy, dolls with gender issues, and more.


Chris Leif (50¢)

A scene from Chris Leif 1

One of my first comics. Chris is a high-strung but harmless teenager with an unusual amount of rotten luck.

The Books:
#1: Chris Leif in His First Minicomic — Here Chris has a mouse problem.

#2: Chris Leif Fixes His Hair — ...and fixes it again, and again, and again.

The Rajiv Coffee Table Book (50¢)

A scene from Rajiv

A collection of images of the mysterious Rajiv. After seeing these 14 provocative poses shot in exotic locales, you’ll know why the girls call him the World’s Most Beautiful Man!


Baumann’s Marginalia (50¢)

A scene from Marginalia

Once upon a time, I went to college and studied art, philosophy, psychology, third world communications and many other things. I sat in on lectures and took copious notes. Some of these were in comic form. Here they are.


Free! For Ye!

A scene from The Skipmeister’s Daughter

Yes, I know “for ye” is gramatically incorrect. But come on, it rhymes! These are free sample comics I hand out at conventions. You can read them for yourself online right here. Ask if you want a hard copy, I’ll send one with your order!

The Books:

The Kiss of “One-Lip” Larry — Starring Teddy Ruxpin as the Angel of Death.

The Skipmeister’s Daughter — Will she follow in her father’s springy footsteps?

Whitehead — Disgruntled office workers discuss comics and acne remedies.

What Goes On — About a childhood experience where I became the “butt” of a joke. I sure made an “ass” of myself! I really got it in “the end”! I...oh...I’ll shut up now.

You, Only You — The mating call of the misanthrope.

Planet Peezo — Just what makes it the best grankin’ planet in the universe?

The Beasts of Ball Point: a Sketchbook Mini — Recycled Bugs and Rabbits.

My Mind's Made Up! — Truthiness hits Tin Pan Alley.

The Blokes of Ball Point: a Sketchbook Mini — What "Beasts" was to animals, "Blokes" is to man.

The Belles of Ball Point: a Sketchbook Mini — And now, the ladies.

Ball Point Bots: a Sketchbook Mini — Like "Beasts", "Blokes" and "Belles", but with robots!

Ball Point Botany: a Sketchbook Mini — I think you get the pattern here.

The Birds of Ball Point: Doodlecraft —Some people found the word "sketchbook" misleading. Maybe "doodlecraft" is closer to the truth?

The Birds of Ball Point: Doodlecraft— Still haven't run out of "B" words...


Non-Comic goodies:

Critter Magnets ($1.00 each, gift pack of 4 for $5)

Pigeon Magnet
Colorful and business card-size. Click here to view current selection.


Mini-Magnets ($5.00)

Mini Magnet samples
Each is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted by me from old printed materials and/or drawings of my own. A pouch of 5 makes a lovely gift for all fans of odd ephemera.

Grab Bags ($15 or trade)

creepy nurse photo
In addition to to doing comics, I also collect odd found objects, library discards, interesting boxes and wrappers, and practically any weird & wonderful thing I come across. I have way more than I can use, and will happily stuff a big envelope full of little treasures for you!

Original Doodles (50¢)

Detail from a doodle
I’m not parting with original pages right now, but I’ve got tons of cool absentminded sketches and doodles that can be yours for a low, low price. Each one is original, unique, and hand-drawn on scrap paper by me. If you don’t take ‘em, they’ll go into the recycle bin sooner or later. If you want one, speak up!