Little Pigs of America (Indianapolis, IN)


By Scott Mills

Little Pigs of America was a barbecue chain known which took pride in its “secret ‘n’ zesty” sauce. According to this article, they started in the early 1960s and went bankrupt in 1967, which means my 1966 NRA catalog was one of a select few to list the place.

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Yoda’s Big Boy (Salem, VA)

Restaurant_YodaApparently, Yoda’s Big Boy was one of the earliest Shoney’s restaurants. It later merged with Lendy’s, also of Salem. Back when it was Yoda’s competitor, Lendy’s was simultaneously a Big Boy and a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Confused? That makes two of us.

I got the above info from the Lendy’s section of, which contains plenty of pictures. This page shows Col. Sanders (in person and in sign form) in front of a Big Boy, along with a newspaper ad for “Shrimp, golden fried the Yoda way”. For a picture of the actual Yoda’s building, scroll down this page. Spoiler alert: not as cool as the drawing, but it does have a Big Boy statue.

Most importantly: YES, they gave out Big Boy Comics!

I’m not sure who drew this one. I seem to remember the artist’s last name was Yoder, but maybe that’s just me seeing “J.Y.” in the signature and wanting a Yoda drawing by a Yoder. Ideas, anyone?

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