“By the time we get the horn to honk, we will have run over whatever we’re honking at.”

I honestly don’t remember who drew this. If you recognize the style or the signature, drop a comment so I can give the artist credit!
This one’s unique for the fact that it’s continued on the other side of the page. Here’s part 2:

This marks the end of the “Dissatisfied With the Vehicle” sketchbook. Tune in next week for more sketches on a brand-new theme!

“They shooted the oxygen sensor with a shotgun. I thought it was unnecessary to do this.”

by Greg Beettam

I confess I don’t know much about oxygen sensors or how to fix them. Still, I really want to believe that Greg’s drawing depicts a necessary procedure, and that “shooted” is the proper past tense term for it.

Greg Beettam (along with previous sketchbook contributor Stephen Geigen-Miller) Is the creator and publisher of Xeno’s Arrow. He also does the webcomic Monkeys With Power Tools which doesn’t appear to have been updated in awhile, but I like what’s up so far.

Not like I’m in any position to call out others on about infrequent updates. Sorry about the 4+ month absence, everybody. I’m back!