My writing table, spring 2019

Hey, hi! I suppose an explanation is in order.

Over the course of the last three and a half years, the second chapter of Sucker Street has been fully scripted, partially drawn, mostly scrapped and unsuccessfully rewritten. The experience has been quite educational for me and totally opaque to anyone checking out this website. Please accept my apologies for that.

In 2018, I played around in a different part of the Suckerverse, resulting in the Foldertown Shoppers Guide recently posted here. This was printed as a trifold pamphlet and I’ve been selling it at my convention tables ever since. Why didn’t I post it back then? To be perfectly honest, I kind of enjoyed pretending this website didn’t exist for a bit.  I appreciate the continued interest and am grateful for the patience of those of you who continued to check in.

So, what now? I’m officially calling the hiatus I should have called years ago. Sucker Street is on break until I can give Chapter Two the rewrite it deserves. This is not the end of the comic. I have so much love and so many ideas for it, but I’m not able to pursue them right now. The story will continue, I just can’t say when.

In the meantime, I’d like to draw your attention to my current project, A is for Ambroseburg. It’s an alphabet book written by my old friend Michael Wells and illustrated by me. We had planned to finish it long ago, but my in-progress drawings were damaged in a house fire. They’ve consequently been sitting in a box untouched for over 16 years.

Yeah, that’s right: if you think Sucker Street‘s taking me a long time to finish, you either weren’t aware of A is for Ambroseburg or forgot that I was working on it. Or you think I’m the sort of person who starts projects and never completes them. That’s fair, but wrong: I just take long breaks.

I’ll be adding new pages here as I finish them. If you like the world of Sucker Street, I think you’ll find something to like in Ambroseburg. Please check it out!

We’ll meet back here whenever I return to Sucker Street. Or, if not specifically here, wherever people are sharing comics in the future. I hope we’re all reunited in Foldertown relatively soon!