“I have a job where I need to be incognito. The headlights are giving me away when I don’t want to be seen.”

By Stephen Geigen-Miller

Stephen Geigen-Miller writes: I am, as you can probably tell, not an artist. I’m the writer of the comics Cold Iron Badge and Xeno’s Arrow and various prose projects that have yet to see the light of day. I also blog with verve but great irregularity about the process of re-becoming a writer at Back From Erstwhile. I don’t recall how Suzanne convinced me to overcome my usual — and, you will note, entirely justified — fear of drawing and contribute to her sketchbook, but I’m glad she did; I’m pretty sure that this is still the best drawing I’ve ever done!

That last part was news to me. I’m honored to present Stephen’s self-professed best drawing. You have to admit, it is pretty great.

“You need a college education just to operate the airbag switch.”

by Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts is the artist of the online comic Working Daze, letterer & colorist for the newspaper strip Prince Valiant and author of the fantasy novel The Troubling Stone. But I’ll always know him as the creator of Patty Cake, which appeared in Nickelodeon magazine in addition to a decade’s worth of comic books. Read it here, along with lots more of Scott’s work!