BRAVO CONE: “Motto — Remain as the delicious and loveable cone from all nations forever.”


by Craig Bogart

Craig Bogart is the creator of The Ineffables and part of the PANEL collective. His website seems to be down right now.

As for Bravo Cone, the Haitai corporate site says: Bravo Cone, which was first launched in 1970, has become a leading ice cream brand through the commercial music song “Let’s meet at 12. Bravo Cone!” Bravo Cone has been recorded in the Korean Guinness Book as the oldest ice cream product. Bravo Cone is the best and the oldest ice cream in Korea and will continue to build its fame and reputation.

That “commercial music songhas been used since the 1970s. It’s quite the earworm. Buu-ra-bo Co-oone!”

Also, while I don’t think this is a Bravo Cone commercial, I feel compelled to share it: Apparently, the 1980s gave South Korea an ice cream cone that comes with a free Love Is… sticker?

We’ve reached the end of the Haitai sketchbook. New sketchbook theme next week! Stay tuned.

HOMETOWN HOMEMADE DUMPLINGS: “For abundance, great taste comes from the cook’s fingers!”



by Jim Ottaviani

I asked Jim O. if he remembered drawing this and he responded: I think it’s mine. The writing sure looks like my own, but it’s hard to tell about the image. I don’t draw often enough or well enough to have a distinctive style…

Jim Ottaviani is the writer and all-round mastermind behind G.T. Labs, which boasts a fine library of biographical and historical fiction comics about scientists. A new one is in the works. His blog is well worth a read, too.

HARANUM ASSORTED CANDY: “We don’t like one flavor of candy. Let’s have 9 different candies at one time.”

by Tim Kelly

by Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly is the creator of Zook and Max, among other things. He’s currently working on a third comic about his daughter, Emily (the previous two being Springtime For Autism and Summer of Nove). “It should be ready by this time next year,” he says, “and I hope to do an animated music video for my girlfriend after that. Or alongside it!”

BUTTER RING: “It looks cool. We are proud of its shape.”


by J. Meyer

I feel like I ought to know who drew this, but neither the drawing style nor the signature are ringing any bells for me. I’m pretty sure it says J. Meyer, but I’m not even 100% sure about that.

UPDATE: The artist has been found: It’s Joe Meyer. Check the comments below for Joe’s response and links to more of his work.

Butter Rings aren’t too hard to come by. In fact, you can “Enjoy the Fun Shaped Butter Ring with Your Family and Friends!”

“…And there’s this in it too.”