As Name-Dropped...

Reports, writeups and photos by other people:

SNAP! The Comic Arts Festival


MoCCA Art Festival


Free Comic Book Day

The American Comic Book: A Detroit Perspective (gallery exhibit, 2008)

From Wham!tramck to Yipes!ilanti
(gallery exhibit, 2004)

Zines in General

See Me Live

Here are just a few of the comics-type events where I’ve been known to pop up:

Bethesda, Maryland

MSU Comics Forum
Lansing, Michigan

Kids Read Comics
Dearborn, Michigan

SNAP! The Comic Arts Festival
Dearborn, Michigan

SPACE (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo)
Columbus, Ohio

Ann Arbor Book Festival
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Motor City Comic Con
Novi, Michigan

Motor City Art Fest
Mount Clemens, Michigan

Allied Media Conference
Bowling Green, Ohio / Detroit, Michigan

MoCCA Art Festival
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art
New York, NY

Toronto, Ontario

Portland Zine Symposium
Portland, OR

Stumptown Comics Fest
Portland, Oregon

Wolver(Zine) & DIY Fest
Ann Arbor, MI


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