Quick followup to the SPACE prize post: Sucker Street placed second in the Webcomic category. Thanks to all who voted! If you’re in Columbus Ohio this April July, you can come see me accept my award at SPACE 2015 (or you can skip the presentation and just hang out on the exhibitors’ floor: that’s where the real action is). Gotta say, it feels a little strange to be winning prizes already (I’m not even through chapter 1 yet!) but I appreciate the vote of confidence. I’ll remember this as I push ahead into the story.

2015MSUComicsForum1 In other news, I’ll be attending the MSU Comics Forum next Saturday (February 21) in Artist’s Alley along with all of these fine people.  Promoted as “an event for scholars, creators and fans”, it has an impressive schedule of speakers, panels and more this coming week. All in all, less hectic and more intellectually stimulating than your typical comic con. I look forward to it every winter.