spheader2Sucker Street has made it to the final round of contestants for the 2014 SPACE Prize! Finalists were chosen from — and will be judged by — a pool of exhibitors from last April’s Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo in Columbus, Ohio. Winners will be announced this coming spring at SPACE 2015.

My minicomic As Eavesdropped placed third  a couple of years ago, but I’m surprised and flattered to make it to the webcomic category when I’m still so new to the webcomic format. I’m encouraged to know people are still paying attention to what I’m doing here.

Speaking of which: I will have new pages up soon. Yes, I know, I promised weekly, and then biweekly updates. I wasn’t capable of keeping those promises over these last few months. I’m not proud of this fact. I’ve been making comics for nearly 20 years, but until now I’ve never seriously tried to get in the habit of making comics all year ’round. The weather gets warm, the garden and the workbench call me away from the drawing table, and I don’t make it back until the snow starts falling. Unfortunately this time around, I’ve left the snow hasn’t stopped falling on Michigapolis all summer and fall. Clearly, I still have some time-management issues to work out. Rest assured, I’ll be back. See you soon!