Hey, this is where I pencil my comic! Why am I showing you this? Because I wanted to post something this week and the next page isn’t ready.

I have, for the first time since starting Sucker Street, recently found steady employment. This is good because I need to keep a roof over my head (said roof is on the opposite side of the wall in this photo: I draw in the attic). It’s also a pain because I’m working someplace else during the hours I’ve become accustomed to working on my comics.

On average, it takes me about 20 hours to do a page, start to finish. On paper, I can juggle this with another job. In practice, it’s another story. I might go down to posting every 2 weeks for awhile.

I’m aware that this will make my already leisurely-paced story go even slower. Sorry about that. Thanks to all of you who continue to check back here week after week. Without your interest and encouragement I’m sure I would’ve fallen off my page-a-week schedule much sooner than this. I’m too far into the story to abandon it now. I hope you feel the same!