• Coming Soon! The as-yet-untitled ABC Book by S. Baumann & M. Wells. G is for [REDACTED], O is for [REDACTED], S is for [REDACTED], and A is, of course, for Ambroseburg; home town to all sorts of weirdness.
  • 2022 SPACE Prize | Lifetime Achievement Award | SUZANNE BAUMANN | Fridge Magnet Concoctions | Sucker Street | A is for Ambroseburg | Presented at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) | May 21, 2022 | Sponsored by Back Porch Comics

A couple of images to share: first, a flyer promoting a forthcoming “As-yet-untitled ABC book” which I handed out at the very first Small Press and Alternative Press Expo (SPACE) in the year 2000. Next, a SPACE Prize I received at the most recent SPACE this past May. Note that the ABC book now has a title and it is engraved on the plaque.

Nothing brings out the ol’ impostor syndrome like getting a “lifetime achievement award” for something that’s barely 20% finished! Then again, this project has been with me and Mike for a significant part of our lives, so maybe it’s not so strange.

It’s nice to be acknowledged by a comic convention I consistently enjoy. So even if — and I’m not saying it was — this plaque was simply a customer loyalty reward for tabling at SPACE so many times, I’ll take it. Many of the other cons I attended decades ago are either long gone, or they’ve morphed and bloated into something less hospitable to small, deliberate creators like myself. But SPACE is always a good time and I’m happy to be part of it.

Also at SPACE last May, I had the pleasure of tabling near longtime comics pals Jeff Lilly and Pam Bliss; and getting details about the making of The Extras, their current webcomic series with Katie Hodges. They post a new page every Friday, so if I don’t update enough for you, follow the link and enjoy something while you’re waiting. Last month I was delighted to discover a background character named after me in there!