The Inblogurator MMX1

Ball Point Bots: The Inblogurator MMX1

The Inblogurator MMX1
In the past, I’ve put my “Ball Point” pieces up on the “Fun” page of this site. Bots has existed as a printed minicomic since last Summer, but still haven’t added it here. I’m going to blog it instead, page by page, so it’s less of a chore for me (and you too, if you consider scrolling down a chore).
Say hello to the Inblogurator MMX1. It didn’t have a name in the hard copy comic (needed space for the title), so now you know something that people who own the comic don’t know.

So, You Found the Blog.

Welcome! I’m hoping that, by adding this section to my website, I’ll be more inclined to update regularly and you’ll be more inclined to visit. The rest of the site’s still here, although under a slightly different domain (long story short, I blinked during the registration renewal process and some guy in Fukuoka nabbed it… apart from intentionally mispronouncing his prefecture, there’s not much I can do).

I’ll probably start a webcomic here sooner or later. That seems to be the way things are going in the comics world, and I’m actually kinda working on something, but nothing I’m ready to present anytime soon. For now, I’ll be posting pages from my latest “Ball Point” sketchbook minis (earlier editions here) plus — something people have requested for years — guest art from the themed sketchbooks I’ve been passing around comic conventions since 1999 or so.

So please stick around, bear with me while I throw myself into the 21st century already and figure out this whole Blog Thing.

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