Friday, October 18, 7PM
Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, 4454 Woodward Ave.
FREE :: with suggested $5 museum admission


Brain Frame is a performative comix reading series from Chicago. Brain Frame invites alternative comics and zine artists to interpret their work in front of an open-minded audience, incorporating elements impossible to reproduce on a printed page. Brain Frame involves projections, performance, music, noise, props, costumes, horror, humor, and the avant-garde. Readers are encouraged to be as weird and ambitious as possible.

Brain Frame’s first Detroit edition features readings by local artists as well as a few seasoned Chicagoans:

Suzanne Baumann ::
Tom Carey ::
Davin Brainard ::
Lyra Hill ::
Steve Hughes ::
Emma Rand ::
Cabaret BLACK EYE ::

Artists will have merchandise for sale; all proceeds go to artists. Bring some cash!



Bands of Ball Point

Two New Ball Point Comics!

Er… They’re relatively new, which is to say I did these months ago and I’m just now getting around to blogging about them. Sorry about the delay.

bands_promoFirst up, my first big Ball Point book (“big” being a relative term; it’s a 16-page minicomic, 4.25″ x 5.5″), The Bands of Ball Point. For this book, I had fun digging into my running list of fake band names and doodling groups of people posing for what might be PR photos.

Not only is Bands the biggest, fattest book in the Ball Point series, it’s also the most expensive! Yes, this’ll set you back a whole dollar. Go to this page for ordering info.


The Bugs of Ball Point is a bit more traditional for the series; doodles of imaginary insects, all printed up at about the size of a good-sized bug. I’ll be posting excerpts to this page soon!

My upcoming trip to SPACE

SP13FrontIf you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area this April, come see me at the Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo, aka SPACE. I will have a table with new Ball Point minicomics to share, and this year I will also be accepting a prize for As Eavesdropped #3 ! Most of the sketches I’m currently posting to this blog were drawn at SPACE in 2001 — the fact that I’m still coming back to this show 12 years later should tell you how much I like it.

In addition, I will have a few pieces up in a group show at Wild Goose Creative (also in Columbus) throughout the month of April. It’s called Panels in Pink, and an artists’ reception is scheduled on April 18, 2013, 7-10 PM (I probably won’t be around for the reception, but if you’re nearby, check it out).

Not My Small Diary #17: True High School Comics


Baumann_NMSD_17excerptSee that picture? That’s an excerpt from my piece in the latest installment of Delaine Derry Green’s anthology comic, Not My Small Diary. It’s a great issue on the whole, and it’s in perfect-bound paperback format for those of you who don’t like staples. Plus, it’s apparently required reading for an upcoming class at Penn State. 55 cartoonists share true stories from their high school years. Only $7. You know you want a copy. Buy one here.

As Eavesdropped, Vol. 4

Yes, believe it or not, I published 2 issues of As Eavesdropped this year. Volume 3 came out in April. Volume 4 (pictured below) came out in September and is double the size of the previous issue!
Topics include roundhouse kicks, swordfights, seagulls, funny hats, bloodstained upholstery, photogenic housing… all the bells and whistles (or at least the phrase “all the bells and whistles”).

For your own copy, send me two bucks or trade me something made by you. My PO box is still open for business:
Suzanne Baumann
Fridge Magnet Concoctions
P.O. Box 12096
Hamtramck MI 48212

Also, a teeny-tiny print version of The Birds of Ball Point. Absolutely free if you meet me in person.