OH! YES: “Parents can express their love toward children through Oh! Yes.”

Candy_OhyesColumbus, Ohio-based Max Ink is the creator of the comic book Blink. Visit his website to  learn all about it, read a few samples, and compare his current sketches to the one posted above, from nearly 12 years ago.

As of this posting, the bulk of Wikipedia’s page for Haitai is devoted to Oh! Yes. The corporate page will tell you how this product stacks up against “the dry and hard Choco Pie”.

CUBICS: “When you are hungry or boring, have the individual pack of sweet chocolate flavor Cubics. You will be envious of just looking at the Cubics.”

by Tony Consiglio

by Tony Consiglio

Tony Consiglio writes: That sketch reminds me of two things, 1. I used to have hair. 2. I used to clearly have talent too. I have two current projects, my Top Shelf graphic novel Titanius won’t be out for another year, so don’t look for it yet. And I am also working on making flourless chocolate walnut cookies from a recipe by Francois Payard. They are divine.

While you’re waiting for Titanius to come out, why not check out Tony’s other graphic novels?
I only found one place on the web that’s “happy to present [their] Cubics to you“,  but a search for “Francois Payard flourless chocolate walnut cookies” turns up nearly 9000 results. Start baking!

FREE TIME: “When you miss freedom, Haitai Free Time is always with me.”

by C.D. Regan

by C.D. Regan

C.D. Regan writes: That’s me alright, although I have no recollection of doing that drawing. I still have that problem with free-floating confections taunting me when I’m alone, though.

More Free Time-inspired art. Mr. Regan is a designer, illustrator, writer and cartoonist. Check out his vast and varied portfolio. His current focus is book cover design.

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