Pixie Kitchen (Wecoma Beach, OR)


by John Peters

The Pixie Kitchen operated from 1953 to 1985 and is pretty thoroughly memorialized on the internet. If you visit Lincoln County, Oregon, you can see memorabilia from the restaurant on display at the museum. Stay at the Whistling Winds Motel and request the Pixie Kitchen room!

John Peters has been featured previously on this blog. He’s moved his comics to mooncowcomics.com, so follow him there!

DONG LANG TANG: “Hey, let’s go into our master’s mouth at lunch!”

by John Peters

by John Peters

With that name/description combo, you have to admire the restraint demonstrated here. John Peters is the mastermind behind Gypsygirl Press, which currently has 4 active webcomics for you to follow.

No further information is available about Dong Lang Tang. Sorry.

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