As Eavesdropped, Vol. 4

Yes, believe it or not, I published 2 issues of As Eavesdropped this year. Volume 3 came out in April. Volume 4 (pictured below) came out in September and is double the size of the previous issue!
Topics include roundhouse kicks, swordfights, seagulls, funny hats, bloodstained upholstery, photogenic housing… all the bells and whistles (or at least the phrase “all the bells and whistles”).

For your own copy, send me two bucks or trade me something made by you. My PO box is still open for business:
Suzanne Baumann
Fridge Magnet Concoctions
P.O. Box 12096
Hamtramck MI 48212

Also, a teeny-tiny print version of The Birds of Ball Point. Absolutely free if you meet me in person.

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