005As_Eaves_Animal1Check it out: As Eavesdropped Vol. 4 was nominated for a SPACE prize! Now, I’m up against some stiff competition, so don’t congratulate me yet — vote (if you’re eligible)! Volume 3 took third place in 2012 and I personally think the newer issue is better than that one. Let’s see if AE can move up to first or second this time. More about the SPACE prize here.

If you need help deciding, you can order either issue from me, or watch the following video from this past October of my reading excerpts from 3 and 4 (with audiovisual accompaniment) live at Detroit Brain Frame.

Also, this is as good a time as any to announce that I’ll be exhibiting at SPACE 2014, April 12-13. See you in the spring!


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