Restaurant_YodaApparently, Yoda’s Big Boy was one of the earliest Shoney’s restaurants. It later merged with Lendy’s, also of Salem. Back when it was Yoda’s competitor, Lendy’s was simultaneously a Big Boy and a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Confused? That makes two of us.

I got the above info from the Lendy’s section of, which contains plenty of pictures. This page shows Col. Sanders (in person and in sign form) in front of a Big Boy, along with a newspaper ad for “Shrimp, golden fried the Yoda way”. For a picture of the actual Yoda’s building, scroll down this page. Spoiler alert: not as cool as the drawing, but it does have a Big Boy statue.

Most importantly: YES, they gave out Big Boy Comics!

I’m not sure who drew this one. I seem to remember the artist’s last name was Yoder, but maybe that’s just me seeing “J.Y.” in the signature and wanting a Yoda drawing by a Yoder. Ideas, anyone?


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