New theme coming tomorrow! The quotes for this one were autographs to a kid named Andy in his 1993-94 middle school yearbook. I don’t know Andy, nor do I know how his yearbook ended up at a used book sale in the year 2000. I did, however, purchase said yearbook and drew my version of Andy’s class photo in the front of my sketchbook at the time:
This is not a very good likeness. Yes, I still have the yearbook to compare: last month while looking for something else, I was surprised to find it on my bookshelf. I’ve actually owned this thing twice as long as Andy ever could have. This means I was able to scan the actual autographs, so you’ll be able to see them along with the cartoonists’ sketches.

All kids’ surnames will be omitted. These “kids” are now presumably in their thirties and presumably wouldn’t want this stuff coming up when people Googled their names.


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