by Ben T. Steckler

by Ben T. Steckler

Ben Steckler writes: Egad!  I really have to stop sketching when I drink at conventions. …or stop drinking when I sketch at conventions… or stop convening when I drink wearing skechers. Part of my twelve steps will have to be apologizing to all the fellow artists whose sketchbooks I’ve befouled over the years.   It’s a good thing I have the Skechers,  because those are going to be twelve LONG steps. My name is Ben T. Steckler and I’m a hack cartoonist.

Ben is the creator of SKA-Toons, Get BenT!, Unshaven Chi, f-Artjoke and many more comics. He’s been performing stand-up comedy in recent years.

Egg Cookie is translated as “Egg Biscuit” nowadays.


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